Interested in Ænomaly? Get in touch and join the community!
Interested in Ænomaly?
Ænomaly's goal is to be an autonomous open source decentralized Internet, where anyone
can contribute to help clean, monitor, categorise and own a piece of the internet, we believe
in working together we can maintain a safe and secure user experience for browsing the web
of tomorrow, by creating a new type of human governed search registry that is run by the people.
Decentralized Search Engine
Governed Global Index
Reviewing Platform
Ænomaly, is an open source, decentralized, peer to peer human-curated search engine, where the global search index is governed by the community, and distributed on nodes, focused upon engagement from real humans. The protocol features integrated game mechanics that reward participants with tokens for their collective contributions to the ecosystem. Our goal is to build a new model for a tokenized economy, which - cleans, monitors, categorises and distributes a safe and secure internet across the globe., built on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.
It concerns us when one company can influence the world, by being the only window to the internet. In a world where one company controls 77% of all searches, influencing trillions in spending, shaping perceptions and minds, also effectively acting as god to the Internet, that is why a new community governed internet is necessity.
We believe a free, open and safe Internet is the right of anyone. Governed by its users, completely censorship free from governments and third parties. Together, we can change the future of the web by creating a new type of governed data, managed and hosted by its own users; building a network of taskforce content moderators and curators in order to help make the internet safer and more secure, free from the problems we have today. After all, it is our social responsibility to fix the mistakes we had created in the face of web 2.0. We believe Ænomaly can create a system that can better self-regulate content - and not risk a worse solution imposed by politicians.
The problems Ænomaly is working to solve...
Harmful and dangerous content
Censorship of the internet
Phishing scams online
Inappropriate adult rated content
Trolls and cyberbullying
Fake news online
Privacy & personal data
Age verification ID
No incentive
  • Harmful and dangerous content online can be viewed by anyone including children and vulnerable adults.
  • Fake and scam website flourish on the internet phishing innocent and vulnerable victims in their fraudulent scams.
  • Malicious people use technology like the internet to bully, harass, threaten or target another person with aggressive, or rude texts, tweets, posts, or messages.
  • Unfortunately, sexual images and pornography are easily and trivially accessed on the Internet by anyone, of any age.
  • However, hoaxes and falsehoods have been associated with the internet since its early days.
  • Governments and large corporations motivations for censorship range from well-intentioned desires to protect children from unsuitable content, to authoritarian attempts to control a nation's access to information.
  • Age Verification ID systems are centralized, personal and sensitive data is at risk of being hacked or sold for profit, making it unsafe, insecure or anonymous.
  • The tracking of personal data and online of personal and privacy data problems with browsing the internet today needs addressing.
  • In the current search market, which is worth hundreds of billions of USD, users do not have the incentive to extent and improve it. This is said, with the understanding, that it is the users themselves which are constantly creating the semantic core.
Transparency and trustfulness
  • Every piece of its reasoning and behavior must be auditable by everybody and as of now, no one understands the ranking systems of search engines. This creates the opportunity for black SEO markets.
Online use only
  • Peers are cut from the backbone of the wire. The current TCP/IP-DNS-HTTP architecture does not allow to change that.
Ubiquitous ownership and access
  • Everybody should have a right to possess a part of it.
The Internet is broken

Monopolies. Cybercrime. 'Fake news'. Even the internet's founders admit their utopian vision failed. So: what if we could start again? Would we really recreate the internet of today – or could we build something... better?
Interested in Ænomaly? Get in touch and join the community!
Interested in Ænomaly?
The ÆNOMALY Ecosystem
We propose a supporting suite of standard applications
for the Ænomaly protocol to work

Decentralized search engine
Peer to peer human-curated search engine,
A complete open source decentralized search
engine ready for the Web 3.0.

  • Search local or governed global index.
  • Secure, encrypted connections (HTTPS/SSL)
  • Cookies are not used by default.
  • No user tracking or profiling.
  • Self hosted
Reviewing platform,
community consensus decision making

The URL's and URI's reviewing, verifying and voting platform will be the heart of the ecosystem, used to clean and categorise the internet.

Websites, images, videos, social media pages, trolls and more will be judged based on the content they provide to the world.
Global index that is
categorized into small subjects
We are building a community network of taskforce content moderators and curators to act as honest oracles in order to help clean, monitor and categorise the internet, making a global internet of small niche internets, that is safe, clean and aimed at helping the user get a better web browsing experience.
Ænomaly browser,
extentions & plugins
Ænomaly is launching a new web 3.0 browser software with many features.

Browse using the local or global index list.
Block unwanted websites.
Block intrusive Ads.
Anti bully and scam button.
Putting parents in
control of content
Ænomaly's approach about parental controls are designed to help protect children from inappropriate content they may come across online,. our controls can be used to only search chosen categories or specific websites within our database, also block approved websites, block adverts and limit access to only age-appropriate content.
Age verification
identification system
Age Verification ID for adults and children that is safe, secure and anonymous, built into the ecosystem for peace of mind.
API's for schools, universities, corporations and Internet service providers
API's for schools, universities, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), routers, Wi-Fi hotspots, mobile devices, browsers, websites, internet security companies and applications to help address cyber threats and headache the problems of the internet can bring.
How the Ænomaly protocol works

Ænomaly's philosophy is no bad stuff from the beginning, so that only leaves us too, start again. Focus on the (whitelist) the governed search registry "database" that is clean, safe and monitored by the community. It allows shared access for individuals, educators, communities and corporations to easily build their own decentralized search engines, browser or use the api that is right for them, plenty of use cases for many industries to implement.

Harmful content on the internet: self-regulation is the best way forward
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